Carbs vs sugar – this space of diet appears to be a quite common confusion, particularly by way of managing diabetes.

One of our readers lately stated: “I’m making an attempt to determine the carbs and sugars however I don’t know what number of of every to devour so I really feel like I don’t know something.”

Does this sound such as you?

Well cling on as a result of by the point you end studying this, it ought to clear up all your confusions about carbs vs sugars.

Carbs vs Sugar

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Carbs vs Sugar: The Basics

Having kind 2 diabetes, you’ve little doubt turn into conscious of the idea of carb counting. The motive for watching carbohydrates so intently is as a result of carbs are the nutrient that influences your blood sugar and A1c ranges greater than different vitamins. Therefore, consuming too many carbs makes it very troublesome to get your numbers inside a wholesome vary.

But right here’s the factor: Carbohydrates and sugar aren’t two various things. Sugar is a carbohydrate so subsequently, in case you’re counting carbs, you don’t have to rely sugar as a separate factor, as a result of sugar is a carb.

Complex Carbs vs Simple Sugars

Someone else stated: “Understanding sugar is simple, understanding carbs defies widespread sense.”

It’s true, everyone knows what sugar is – that white (or generally brown) candy stuff that’s extremely addictive!

But the class of carbohydrates will be one of the troublesome ones to get your head round, no less than at first. Most of us can simply determine a supply of protein or fats, however carbohydrates are just a little harder.

The motive for it’s because carbohydrates cowl all of the various kinds of plant meals, and there are quite a bit of them. They principally come below the classes of – grains/cereals, beans/legumes, vegetables and fruit.

Under these classes there are advanced carbohydrates and easy carbohydrates. These can be known as advanced sugars and easy sugars. Sugar is a carbohydrate – a easy carb/easy sugar.

On the opposite hand, entire grain pasta is a posh carbohydrate. But on the finish of the day, advanced carbs nonetheless break right down to easy sugars, it simply takes longer and the digestion course of is completely different to the short absorption that happens with easy sugars.

While this could get sophisticated, it’s actually not: sugars are carbs and carbs are sugars. At the tip of the day, all digestible carbs find yourself in your bloodstream – plain and easy.

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Carbohydrates vs Sugar: Nutrition Labels Debunked

What you need to look for on meals labels is the TOTAL CARBOHYDRATES. 

Look for the grams not the share. And do not forget that every thing on the label (together with the grams of carbohydrates) is reflective of the portion measurement listed on the label (which is commonly smaller than you assume).

Carbs vs Sugar: Nutrition Label

Fiber is just not actually digested, passing by means of the digestive system to assist maintain issues shifting and feed intestine micro organism, subsequently, the ‘available carbs’ left for absorption is known as ‘net carbs.’

You calculate web carbs by subtracting the quantity of fiber: complete carbs minus fiber = web carbs.

What About Sugar on Labels?

Sugar is vital too! But carbs are most vital.

Here’s why: in case you check out a label, discover how the full carbohydrates is an enormous daring quantity, whereas sugar, dietary fiber, and sugar alcohol are indented beneath. That means these are subcategories of complete carbohydrates.

What meaning is that the sugar is already factored into the full carbohydrates (g).

In phrases of sugar, all plant meals have some type of “natural” sugar inside their make-up. Some meals labels will distinguish between “added” sugar and “natural” sugar, however some gained’t, so this could make it troublesome to find out how a lot “added” sugar a meals accommodates.

An excellent rule to find out the standard of a meals is to learn the substances listing. Or higher but, buy contemporary meals that don’t require a diet label!

However, remember that no matter whether or not added sugar or pure sugar is acknowledged on the label or not, each can have the same affect in your blood sugar and A1c ranges.

We’ve received a full tutorial on meals labels coming quickly, so maintain a watch out for that as we’ll speak about all the opposite issues (sugar alcohols, fiber, fats, protein and so forth).

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Carbs vs Sugar for Type 2 Diabetes

Carbs or Sugar: What is Worse?

Well, sugar in and of itself is just not a good friend of any individual with or with out diabetes.

We all know that “added” sugar is now included in hundreds and hundreds of grocery retailer objects. And that’s a big a part of our dietary (and well being) points – our our bodies are simply not designed to devour that a lot sugar.

The World Health Organization suggestions counsel to eat not more than 25 g or 6 teaspoons added sugar per day. In actuality, many individuals eat way more than this, as a result of it’s in so many packaged meals.

Without a doubt, added, pure sugar is likely one of the worst offenders in our trendy food regimen.

However, there are additionally a number of different easy sugars/ easy carbs in our food regimen which might be equally as dangerous, and these are labeled as ‘carbs.’ For occasion, white pasta, white flour, white crackers, white bread, and so forth – all of the refined and extremely processed substances which might be very excessive in carbs. 

For an individual with kind 2 diabetes or prediabetes, monitoring carb consumption is crucial. It’s the distinction between good blood sugar and A1c numbers which might be throughout the regular wholesome vary (defending you from diabetes problems), and excessive blood sugars within the 200’s or 300’s (resulting in critical well being points). 

The motive for that is that carbs (and meaning sugar too) are the nutrient that influences blood sugar and A1c essentially the most, greater than every other nutrient.

Carb, protein fat effects on blood glucose

Sorry to harp on about this truth nevertheless it’s one thing it’s essential to perceive. 

When carbohydrates within the food regimen are too excessive, many individuals with diabetes battle to decrease their numbers. But the factor is, oftentimes individuals are consuming carbohydrate meals they “think” are “healthy.” For occasion, oatmeal for breakfast, entire grain bread, entire grain pasta, brown rice, or brown crackers. Then, they marvel why their numbers are nonetheless excessive.

Here’s the rationale: all of those meals a really excessive carb meals

If there’s one takeaway you should use proper now it’s this: Cut out rice, potatoes, pasta and noodles, cereals, crackers, and bread – and also you will see a huge distinction in your numbers.

Although these meals are advanced carbs and they’re “healthier” than their white companions. They nonetheless don’t slot in a diabetic food regimen. Many individuals who proceed to eat them, battle to attain good management of their blood sugar and A1c ranges.

Carbs in Honey vs Sugar

The topic of sweeteners is one other space of confusion. Essentially, all sugar, whether or not it’s a “natural” sugar or not, has the identical quantity of carbs.

Take a take a look at this chart:

Sugar comparisons - despite commonly held assumptions, even "natural" sugars stack up the same in terms of carbs

All of those sugars, “natural” sugar are all sugar nonetheless. So honey and sugar are actually precisely the identical factor, particularly by way of blood sugar administration.

Taking the Pressure Off the Carb Ordeal

Not all carbohydrates are “bad.” In truth, carbohydrate meals are a few of the healthiest meals you possibly can eat, for instance, veggies reminiscent of broccoli, tomato, zucchini, eggplant, leafy greens and so forth. These present fiber, nutritional vitamins, minerals, polyphenols, flavonoids and varied different helpful compounds that every one increase your well being.

The strategy to relieving lots of the stress of calculating carbs is simply to stay to this blood sugar pleasant meals listing.

Our weekly meal plans are additionally designed off this meals listing and plenty of members use the meal plans, with out the necessity for counting carbs – and they’re getting nice outcomes with blood sugar and A1c.

“I just wanted to share my great results having been on this plan for only one month. 3 months ago my A1C was 8.7 and my recent blood work showed it at 7.4. My endocrinologist was very impressed and thinks I will be at the target level by my next testing in 3 months. I am excited to continue on this plan and maybe I can stop one of my injections. Thank you for your dedication to diabetes research and food plans.” ~Gloria G (VIP Member) 

It could also be extra useful to you to visualise meals decisions by referring to this diabetes meals pyramid.

Diabetes Food Pyramid: Lower Blood Sugar & A1c

The factor is, in case you lower out the excessive carb meals talked about above, and keep on with the blood sugar pleasant meals listing, the carb stress is relieved and you’ll get pleasure from an abundance of scrumptious meals, with out getting too caught up within the  carb counting ordeal or the sentiments of deprivation.


Carbs aren’t dangerous by any means and your objective shouldn’t be to keep away from them in any respect prices – solely the carbs which might be problematic – the sort which might be excessive in carbs.

To make this a bit simpler, this contains all grains/cereals. If you chop out these, you’re going to see huge modifications in your numbers. Beans and legumes should be portion managed as a result of they’re excessive in carbs. Most fruits should be prevented.

In phrases of veggies, keep away from corn and potatoes, however aside from these, most veggies are an amazing carb to eat.

While this will sound restrictive, it’s truly not. All you want are choices and alternate options and there are loads of these. That’s why now we have weekly meal plans – that can assist you get pleasure from life extra whereas regulating blood sugar and A1c.

You can depart the planning to us and revel in deliciously tasty blood sugar pleasant meals every week. 

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