Everybody appears to have a distinct opinion on what separates the “healthy carbs” from the “unhealthy” ones, particularly within the context of kind 2 diabetes. Because of this, there’s quite a lot of confusion and plenty of myths floating round about which sorts of carbs will and gained’t have a profound impact on blood sugar ranges.

Does each individual with diabetes want to stick to the very same weight loss plan?

Are complete grains OK since they comprise fiber?

Is it OK to drink orange juice as a result of it’s filled with wholesome vitamin C?

These are all nice questions! We’ll reply these and extra down under. 

Here are 5 pervasive myths (primarily based off actual questions from folks with kind 2 diabetes) and our responses…

Myth #1: “Whole grains and fruit are generally healthy foods, so they are healthy for type 2 diabetics”


In basic, sure, complete grains and recent fruits are thought-about “healthy foods” for the overall inhabitants, as a result of complete grains comprise fiber and fruit may be wealthy in nutritional vitamins.

The huge distinction between somebody within the basic inhabitants and somebody with kind 2 diabetes is their means to breakdown, course of, and make the most of glucose (sugar).

When you have got pre-diabetes, diabetes, or metabolic syndrome, your glucose tolerance is impaired; principally, your physique can not course of sugar from meals accurately or regulate your blood sugar ranges correctly.

Because of this, the sugary fruits and carb-heavy grains that might be thought-about wholesome for some persons are not wholesome for these with diabetes. When your glucose metabolism is impaired and also you eat a ripe mango or a bowl of rice, all these carbs (sugars) are absorbed into your blood stream as they need to be, however then the glucose can’t get into your cells due to insulin resistance, so the glucose builds up in your bloodstream.

Over time, this build-up of glucose can lead to a excessive A1c, systemic irritation, and different continual well being issues.

Just as a result of one thing could also be wholesome for the overall inhabitants that doesn’t imply it’s wholesome for each subgroup inside that inhabitants. You have to eat to deal with your situation. 

Myth #2: “It’s OK to eat high carb foods as long as they also contain fiber”


If you wish to enhance your general well being, make pals with dietary fiber. From nuts and seeds to inexperienced greens and recent berries, high-fiber meals are virtually universally a fantastic choice.

Yes, fiber can enhance your digestion, enhance your blood sugar regulation, and even assist wholesome weight reduction, however there’s a catch…

Some folks with diabetes justify consuming greater carb meals like brown rice, oats, beans, or sure sugary fruits by stating that these meals comprise fiber, which they consider offsets the damaging affect of the carbohydrates.

Now there’s some fact to this; dietary fiber does play a job in slowing down the absorption of glucose into your blood stream, thereby defending you from a sudden blood sugar spike. However, the presence of fiber doesn’t magically rework a bowl of oatmeal topped with dates and banana slices right into a blood sugar pleasant meal.

While including fiber to your meal definitely can gradual the absorption of sugar, it doesn’t cut back the entire quantity of sugar (carbs) in that meal. A bowl of oatmeal that comprises 27g of carbs and 4g of fiber, for instance, should still trigger a major rise in your blood sugar ranges.

Myth #three: “Only processed & junk food carbohydrates cause high blood sugar” 


There are some situations the place “good” may be the enemy of “great.”

Yes, whereas it’s higher to decide on a complete meals that comprises quite a lot of carbs (like a recent orange), over processed carbs (like a glass of orange juice), there’s nonetheless a 3rd higher choice; the best choice is to decide on one thing unprocessed that can be low in carbs.

This is as a result of excessive carb meals, no matter how they’re processed, are nonetheless going to trigger an increase in blood sugar ranges. Your physique doesn’t care if 20g of sugar are coming from a recent slice of fruit or a slice of chocolate cake…all of your physique is aware of is that your blood sugar ranges are going up, quick!

If you look on the diet chart above, you’ll see the carb/sugar content material of a complete orange and that of a glass of orange juice. A cup of orange juice comprises about 28g of carbs whereas the entire orange comprises solely 17g of carbs plus 3g of fiber.

It’s simple to see that the entire orange is a better option than the juice as a result of it comprises extra fiber and fewer straight sugar, so chances are you’ll be tempted to decide on the entire orange.

Another space of confusion is sweeteners.

While opting for a extra “natural” sweetener similar to dates or date sugar rather than closely processed white sugar (sucrose) could appear to be the higher alternative, these “healthier” sugars don’t fare a lot better than white sugar.

As you possibly can see on the diet chart, simply four complete dates (100g) complete a whopping 66g of sugar! Compare that to half a cup of natural date sugar (83g of sugar) and normal white sugar (99g of sugar). You can shortly see that none of those sweeteners are the way in which to go, no matter how processed or pure they’re.

To hold your blood sugar secure, say goodbye to conventional sweeteners and choose for low or no-carb sweeteners like stevia, erythritol, and monk fruit.

Simple swaps that commerce excessive carb meals for decrease carb options are a fantastic place to begin your low carb journey!

Myth four#: “It’s better to eat high-carb than high-fat, because dietary fat causes heart disease!”

The fable that consuming dietary fats immediately causes coronary heart illness is so ingrained in our collective minds that it may be tough to just accept another mind-set. But no matter what you’ve heard through the years, analysis confirms that low carb diets can present higher outcomes than low fats diets in the case of treating kind 2 diabetes.

When you have got diabetes, your physique doesn’t course of glucose accurately so when you bombard your physique with sugar in any type (soda, sweet, excessive carb grains, and many others.) you possibly can develop systemic irritation, which might negatively impacts cardiovascular well being.

On the opposite hand, low-carb high-healthy-fat diets such because the Mediterranean weight loss plan have been proven to have a optimistic have an effect on on each blood sugar regulation and cardiovascular markers in these with diabetes.

Studies have discovered that general a low-carb, high-healthy-fat diets seem to enhance general heart problems components – decreasing triglycerides, rising HDL “good” ldl cholesterol, decrease blood strain, and decreasing blood sugar ranges, which reduces the irritation and injury all through your arteries. 

Myth #5: “High carb foods don’t bother me, so they are safe for everyone”


As we coated in our first fable on this checklist, what’s wholesome for the overall inhabitants will not be at all times wholesome for these with continual situations like diabetes.

This notion may be true even amongst totally different folks with kind 2 diabetes. While we encourage a decrease carb, complete meals weight loss plan for all folks with diabetes, every individual has their very own degree of tolerance in the case of moderate-carbohydrate meals.

While Jane might be able to snack on half a banana with peanut butter and endure no apparent results, John should still get elevated blood sugar from consuming even a half a banana. 

If half a banana comprises an excessive amount of sugar for you (which is probably going), then attempt switching to a couple slices of a bitter inexperienced apple. Even higher, skip the apple altogether and luxuriate in your peanut butter unfold over a couple of crunchy celery sticks!

The huge takeaway level is that each single physique is exclusive and every individual reacts otherwise to totally different meals, so simply because one individual can tolerate a fruit smoothie for breakfast that doesn’t imply that everybody can.

More importantly, “healthy carbs” for the overall inhabitants that stop well being points are totally different to the very best carbs to eat to deal with a well being situation you have already got. Prevention and therapy are two various things!

Eat to deal with your kind 2 diabetes or prediabetes, and you will notice many features of your well being enhance general. 

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